Recording new songs

This weekend we're recording two new tracks in Studio Barn in the Meadow.
We still have a lot of writing to do for a next full lenght album but the
first few songs are near completed so we decided to record two of them
already. Firstly because we simply couldn't wait to get all material done
and secondly to do a little musical research in where we are heading with this.
As some of you might already know Axel Becker joined Doghouse Gallows some
time ago providing an extra layer of ass whipping guitars which obviously
gives us plenty of new and different possibilities in arrangements.
So a big thank you to Jordi Langelaan for helping us out. It already
sounds very promising!

Stay tuned for some mp3's!!

september 10th 2016 - written by Laughing Arnold

Supporting Transport League

We're looking forward to the 19th next month as we will be supporting
Transport League from sweden in Cafe the Jack in Eindhoven.
Quite a chance some asskicking will occur!!
More coming soon..

february 4th 2016 - written by Laughing Arnold

Solarfall 2015 line up complete

july 29th 2015 - written by Laughing Arnold

New gigs, new reviews

New gig @ Little Devil confirmed, details can be found here
You can also find us in the march edition of Music Maker and online at for a nice review!

march 17th 2014 - written by Laughing Arnold

New gigs confirmed

New gigs confirmed and hopefully lots to follow. Check it out here

februari 20th 2014 - written by Laughing Arnold

More reviews on the new album

Another album review now online at and also Aardschok
magazine published a review in their februari issue. Much appreciated
and more to come!

februari 1st 2014 - written by Laughing Arnold

Canvas album review

A new album review on That Which No Canvas Could Withstand
now online at
Read all about it here

december 26th 2013 - written by Laughing Arnold