lyrics - that which no canvas could withstand


It may not be bad
That the good die young
Or so I was told
For if the quality snuffs it first
I think I will be
A hundred years old

Ain't afraid of death
Although sometimes
Shitscared nonetheless
Not of dying itself
But of what comes next
I fear the day
The Devil will say
'Mr Jansen, esquire,
Please step this way'

I'm a

I pray to god
That he don't exist
Or to hold no grudge
For if this man
Is an old school fan
Then I'm fucked pretty much

It is a fact
That I cannot neglect
I am an insect
In near every aspect
It's to shit that I stick
And shit I attract
I creep and I crawl
But I always come back

That Which No Canvas Could Withstand

Below to your nightly graves
There you will sleep
In shrouds of clammy sheets
The sleep of dreams

From which you wake with bloody palms
Of your clenched hands
That which no canvas could withstand

Federated along one keel
Sailing Noah's flood
In who's depths forgotten navies rust
Names and anchors rot

Where hope is stowed in murderous holds
Many leagues from land
That which no canvas could withstand

Must we drink shame
To fly these deadly waters
Look to windward
The better but the bitter quarter
Die game to
The white Leviathan
In shoreless oceans
That which no canvas could withstand

Skeleton Coast

The ship ran afoul
Before going down
With a crew of rats,
And a captain dead
Commandeered by clowns

Crippled and sore
We made for the shore
With all the silver,
The wine and the whores
Upon the shoal
We sang and we brawled
The shroud comes without pockets
So we drank it all

Nothing we kept back
For a rainy day
For come rain or shine
Nothing is taken to the grave

Fires we lit
With dollars for kindling
The change that we kept
Won't change a thing
One final toast
Before we give up the ghost
With moonshine on the rocks
Of the Skeleton Coast

Take a bottle, go take another
One for your sweetheart
One for her mother
Death is waiting
So drain it quickly
He hasn't got all day
And neither got we

Poised with his scythe
The Man takes no bribes
Swallow the bootleg
Like you swallow your pride
One final toast
Before we give up the ghost
With moonshine on the rocks
Of the Skeleton Coast

Guilt of Thieves

See a world
Where all that is old
Can be sold anew
With nothing coming cheap
Or so is made believe

Creation is a point of view
When made to work
And put to use
All life steals

So many ways to reinvent the wheel
Variations on perpetual themes
There is no crime
Where there is nothing to hide
And no honour among thieves

Covet what your neighbour belongs
Ride the dark horse of passion
Among elements there is no death
Only transition

Drink deep from the cup of desire
Of inspirations' brew
It matters not where to take things from
Only where to take them to

No man is innocent
But those who believe
Themselves of nobler blood
To those that celebrate
Who revel in the theft
And in the knowledge
That they are not

Saint Jude of Lost and Hopeless Causes

Never been a man of God
Hence I seldom pray
But now I stand before the Man
Time calls to say grace

At it's best a cowards act
To have the truth be told
The're no atheists in foxholes
So I try to save my soul

Saint Jude
Forgive me that I cannot see
Hey Jude!
Of all that what will never be
Patron of hopeless causes
Walk a while with me

It can't be long
Until they make the rounds
And call my number forth
To make me dance the hemp fandango
Until I dance no more

To drag this wretch upon the hatch
To fall the final yard
And if we don't hang together
Then I shall hang apart

I was weighed and found wanting
So dues we're to be paid
They had ways to make me talk
But I had none to say..

And I never believed in anything
Until you came my way
Saint of all that is forsaken
Let me make your day
You seem a bit lost yourself
Well, I can be your friend
Be my shield and my salvation
Before the curtain falls
Before the end

Living in the 5th Gear

No time to lose
So much to do
So short the days
No pit-stop soon
No girly tunes
No time to waste

The hands upon the clock
Have got us firmly by the balls
Obliged to rock and exercise
Our god given right to roll

We pissed of fate
And fate won't wait
So we don't stay
No man has ever lived to tell
But we'll race her anyway

Time is late in every place
There where we can't be found
And time has knocked out bigger men
Down in the first round

We're living in the 5th gear
After a dodgy start
We're living in the 5th gear
With one foot in the grave
The other kicking hard

We're still at large
And on the run
Never going slower
We never pause
Break for no-one
We won't be staying over

With the inevitable in hot pursuit
We're always in a rush
Every bullet has a name on
And we dodged the one for us

Death is fast
So we go faster
And deafen Death with noise
Life may suck but always better
When you have a choice

In every town
We make the rounds
As a band of wanted men
Outlaws who'll live forever
Or die in the attempt

One high
One low
One high
You're too slow

One high
One low
You want to see
How low we can go?!

We're living in the 5th gear
After dodgy start
We're living in the 5th gear
With one foot in the grave
The other kicking hard

We're living in the 5th gear
After a dirty trick
We're living in the 5th gear
With one foot in the grave
The other making a run for it

All Hallows Carnival

They could tell you were a marked man
The moment you came through
A fool to push his luck
In a game of two

For thirty silver pieces
Will burn the lot
All that you ever cared for
Sleeping all your life
Now you're waking up

Chinese lanterns beckon
Through the sleet and through the rain
Soft pink flesh awaits
The harlots know your name

The wheel of fortune spins
Come take another ride
On sickly calliope tunes
While puritan whips crack
And the devil's at your side

Go sever the serpent's head
While White Jesus calls
Angels suck your dick
All hallows carnival

The nine of diamonds shines
When it studs Moloch's crown
You know this game is crooked
But it's the only game in town

Go sever the serpent's head
While White Jesus calls
Angels suck your dick
All hallows carnival


It's raining frogs and locusts
It seems the end of times
While cities are burning
We sit by the fire
With a fine wine

For ill news is an ill guest
With no place at our soiree
Those here who speak it
Open a window
And sent them away


The meaning of truth
Shove it we say
We'll be the judge
If it's Judgement Day

To sounds of war and horsemen
We munch on paté
Bored with the prophets of doom
For all their talk
And lack of taste


Whatever the fashion
We're fashionably late
If Damnation awaits us
It damn well can wait!

We've boarded up the windows
We keep looking away
To dine in blindness
To pestilence and plague
For seeing is believing


Crow Road

I saw my life flash by
Before my eyes
A bit of a surprise
Just how fast it went

A swirling stream
Of wet and broken dreams
Quite a serie
Of shamefull events

Some tunes, some beer
Some laughs, some tears
And nothing much
That went by the plan

If I end my shift
In the way that I lived
I fear it will be
A mess to the end

Away the Crow Road

I lived like no tomorrow
On time stolen and borrowed
And now I'm left
With only today

Which is dollar short
And a day to late
I can't afford
Hell to pay

It's a road that's paved
With goodness all the way
And I won't go down
Until I had my say

I tricked for treat
And tried to make ends meet again
And now I meet the end

Away the Crow Road
I'm taking the Crow Road today
I don't know where it leads
And I don't want to go
But I'm taking the Crow Road anyway

Master Bastard

I heard some tell that somewhere deep in Hell
They saved a place for you
Well I'm by no means religious man
But by god I hope that's true

Master Bastard

Although I doubt that they want you down there
On the risk of losing face
Satan would not want to be found dead
With you for the sake of good taste

Jesus forgave the bastards
Well good for him, but I can not
Forgiveness might come easier
When one is the son of god

I don't call for justice
But for personal revenge
I hope you find yourself without a chair
When the music ends

Let him who is without sin
Cast the first stone
Well here's a sinner with some burning issues
Who would like some time
With you alone


Come round comrades
See the falling leaves
In Red Forest
Of dying trees

To me liquidators
Of nuclear dawn
Radiation warriors
In this great storm

Radiation poisoned
Serfs of Armageddon
The dead of Wormwood
In the zone of Alienation

The waters made bitter
As the red star falls
Contaminating every matter
Embittering all

The third angel sounds
In revelation
To the ghosts of this town
Where the light shuns

Who lie their souls down
In silent exclusion
Atomograd abandoned
Zone of Alienation