New album out now!!

And here we go, the new album titled 'That Which no Canvas Could
Withstand' is a fact and we're pretty damn proud of the result.
Make sure to check it out!!

Tracklist and lyrics can be found under the music section of this webpage
or check out a little teaser on the media section.
Convinced?? ...please support us and purchase the album through
Order now and for near 12 Euro (incl shipping within NL) you'll receive a very nice
plain old fashioned CD with great artwork and as a little extra our
PieTaster promo.
This promo was released back in 2010 containing 3 songs also featured
on the new album but in a pretty pre-liminary quality though;-)
Not interested in all worries, it will be available through i-tunes,
spotify and others within a couple of weeks as well..

So enough of the commercial part, back to the album...
We started writing at the end of 2010 which led up to the promo quite quickly.
Back then we already had lots of material and apart from being involved in
a couple of other projects and gigging we just took our time to pick the
best of all songs and ideas. All into making it a well worthy successor of
our debut album 'Dodgy Deals'.
That apart, we only knew we wanted it to be heavy, heavy as a pair of
milkers...the big ones...and right in your face.
Somewhere along the line Jorre (as an ex. sailor) came up with Beauforts'
description of a force 12 storm as 'That Which no Canvas Could Withstand'
and this pretty much covered the feeling we had about the direction we were
going with the album. With that the title was born, on to selecting the
final songs, finetuning and recording.
Liking how we recorded 'Dodgy Deals' we decided to go for the same method
again and record with a mobile studio solution.
Hiddo Frericks @ Studio Rockfish did the honours and managed to put it all
on track. Wherever and whatever suited best and most importantly we didn't
have to meet a tight 'studio' schedule.
So starting out the actual recording around Christmas 2012 we finally ended
up with 11 new tracks and here we's heavy, it's's
'That Which No Canvas Could Withstand'

Hope ya like it!!